What equipment do I need to shoot?


A shotgun, The most common is a 12 gauge shotgun but many people shoot with 20 gauge, 28 gauge and even .410’s. PCS have 12 & 20 gauge shotguns for rent.

Ammunition: Your shotgun shells should be between 71/2 – 9 shot and not more than 1 1/8 oz of shot. Steel shot is not allowed. Not all shells are the same. To help reduce recoil shooters need to look at the speed and the weight of the shot.   Purgatory Clay Sports has ammo (shells) for sale at the club house.

Ear and Eye Protection: All people (including visitors) at the range are required to wear ear and eye protection at all times. You can pick these up at most sporting goods departments or at Purgatory Clay Sports club house.

Hat: We can’t predict where broken clays will land after they are shot, ,so we recommend a hat to protect your face.

Clothes: You want to wear good shoes or boots that will allow you to walk the course in comfort. We discourage the use of sandals or other open toed shoes. Comfortable clothes that allow you free movement will work the best.


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